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Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

CNA Bargaining Update – Dec. 19, 2023

Keeping you updated. 

Negotiations reconvened between WHHS and CNA for a new 4-year Memorandum of Understanding on December 14, 2023, following a one month hiatus.  Though earlier dates were offered by WHHS following their last bargaining session on November 14, the parties mutually agreed to meet on December 14.

WHHS was the last to make a counter proposal on economics.   Specifically, on November 14, WHHS offered the following:

1. Across the board wage increases of 4.5% in year 1, 4% in year 2, 4% in year 3, and 3.5% in year 4.

2. A 25 cent increase in differentials as follows:

  • Evening – Increase from the current $7.05 to $7.30
  • Night – Increase from the current $11.50 to $11.75
  • Charge Nurse Relief – Increase from the current $4.25 to $4.50
  • Preceptor Pay – Increase from the current $2.75 to $3.00.

3. A modified proposal on Floating to include new procedural safeguards and adjust the previously proposed “like area” grouping in the area of perioperative services in response to some of the concerns expressed by the nurses.  WHHS also proposed an increase to the float premium from $2.50 to $4.00.

WHHS was also the last to respond in writing and provide proposals and counter proposals on benefits, vacations, reporting time for per diems, and the regularly scheduled three-day option. These proposals were provided on November 14 to the CNA bargaining team.

Despite the one month time period between bargaining sessions, CNA made no written proposals or counter proposals during the bargaining session on December 14.  Rather, the union verbally informed WHHS that it was not prepared to move on compensation or benefits and was holding on its last existing proposals, including those on holidays, floating, and vacations.

Immediately following the December 14th bargaining session, WHHS requested that CNA provide available dates for further bargaining in January. We are scheduled to meet again on January 22, 2024.

WHHS values its dedicated and qualified staff and remains committed to bargaining in good faith toward a new Memorandum of Understanding with its nurses that includes agreements on competitive benefit plans within market range as required by Board policy along with reasonable and fair wage increases. 

Healthcare System staff can access information about the proposed benefit plans for 2024 by visiting the WHHS intranet homepage. Documents available for download are: WHHS Core Choice 2024-1, FAQs – 2024 Benefit Plans, and Washington Hospital Healthcare System Benefit Program FAQs.