WHHS Labor Facts

Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Local 20 Bargaining Update – March 27, 2024

Negotiations reconvened between WHHS and Local 20 for a new 3-year Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) on March 27, 2024.  During that bargaining session, WHHS made a comprehensive economic counter proposal, which included, in particular:

  • A counter proposal on across the board (“ATB”) wage increases as follows: 4.5% retroactive to 2/1/24, 4% on 2/1/25, and 3.5% on 2/1/26.
  • WHHS’s ATB wage proposal amounts to a total increase of 12% over the life of a 3-year MOU.
  • Addition of up to $400 annually as reimbursement for a unit member to obtain or renew a preferred specialty or advance certification that exceeds the minimum requirements of the unit member’s job classification.
  • Adjustment to the years of service for advancement among the steps in the Appendix B – Pharmacy wage scale.

WHHS also offered to consider making equity wage adjustments for the following job classifications if it identifies them as being below the midmarket range even with the ATBs: Clinical Dietitians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and/or Clinical Laboratory Scientists.

In addition, WHHS made a counter proposal on the terms of a new Appendix F to the MOU for the Utilization Review Coordinators, Portal of Entry Coordinators, and Denials and Appeals Coordinators who recently voted to join Local 20, including a proposal to classify such employees as non-exempt and move them to an hourly, straight-time base rate of pay on a wage scale consistent with the current scale for Case Managers.

Finally, WHHS provided additional counter proposals aimed at making movement on the Employment Categories and Earned Time Off sections of the MOU.

WHHS and Local 20 are scheduled to meet again on April 10, April 18, and April 22. WHHS values our dedicated Local 20 staff and remains committed to continuing to bargain in good faith toward a new MOU with Local 20 that balances both WHHS’s fiduciary responsibility to continue to provide high-quality care aligned with the market while also maintaining jobs that contribute to a vibrant local economy.