WHHS Labor Facts

Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Hospital Makes Initial Economic Proposals to CNA

The Hospital and CNA met for another bargaining session on March 7.  In the prior session between representatives of Washington Hospital and CNA in February 2016, CNA presented its opening wage proposal. When the parties met again on March 7, the Hospital then presented its initial wage proposal. The Hospital proposed a four-year agreement with guaranteed wage increases to the existing base rates in the wage scales as follows:

  • 2015 – Retroactive 2% across the board increase to date of contract expiration June 30, 2015 to be paid following ratification.
  • 2016 – Annual 4% across the board increase (2% retroactive to January 1 to be paid following ratification and another 2% effective July 1)
  • 2017 – Annual 4% across the board increase (2% effective January 1 and another 2% effective July 1)
  • 2018 – Annual 3% across the board increase (2% effective January 1 and another 1% effective July 1)
  • 2019 – Annual 2% across the board increase (2% effective January 1, 2019)

This represents a total of a 15% increase to base wage rates in four years.  In addition, eligible nurses continue to receive their step increases according to the existing wage scale.

Other topics discussed at the bargaining session included medical benefits and Earned Time Off (ETO) proposals. The Hospital made its initial benefits proposal that is the same medical benefits proposal that it made to other unions such as SEIU, Local 20 and Local 856. The Hospital’s Health Benefit Proposal continues to maintain a free coverage plan to individual nurses as well as a no-contribution option. The Hospital’s bargaining team reminded CNA that there have been no significant changes to the Hospital’s medical plan in more than 20 years despite significant increases in health care costs during the same time period.  It was also noted that other hospital and health systems represented by CNA, such as Kaiser, John Muir and HCA also have medical benefit plans that require contributions (Stanford Hospital, which is not represented by CNA, also maintains a contribution plan).

The Hospital’s ETO proposal would add five additional paid time off days to employees and is consistent with the same ETO plan that all other employees at Washington Hospital currently have. (During the negotiation session, Washington Hospital’s bargaining team noted that several other hospitals, also represented by CNA, including several Daughters of Charity Hospitals, Sutter Hospitals, and several other hospitals also have ETO plans.)

At the end of the session, the Hospital’s bargaining team inquired about additional dates for bargaining so that we could continue to work toward reaching a fair contract (nine additional dates for bargaining in March were offered for consideration).