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Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

CNA Bargaining Update – 1/29/16

Following is an update on the progress of negotiations and the inquires Washington Hospital’s bargaining team has received with particular reference to patient safety, retention as well as wages and benefits.
Patient safety is everyone’s top priority at Washington Hospital and we recognize that our staff and caregivers are key to maintaining high-level patient care. While patient census can vary dramatically, and is often unpredictable, nurse staff ratios are legally mandated by the State and we have maintained our staffing levels consistent with these mandated ratios. Our nurses are able to provide safe care for all of our patients consistently and without fail.  In addition to the State mandates, Washington Hospital is able to maintain patient safety as a result of the outstanding staff employed at the Hospital, who come to work each and every day with Washington Hospital’s patient first ethic as their number one priority when providing care.
In order to reinforce our staffing resources, and in an effort to offer internal training opportunities, cross-training is being provided, which provides training opportunities to RN’s. We also continue to have new grad RN training programs.  

The Hospital’s bargaining team, not CNA, proposed additional training mechanisms for RN’s to support our retention efforts and to provide our nurses additional training opportunities.  The Hospital’s training proposal provides for an additional $15,000 – a 10-fold increase from current levels — as a specialty-training fund for each eligible nurse. However, as of today the Hospital, has yet to receive a response from CNA regarding this important retention proposal.  We look forward to a favorable response from the CNA on this win/win proposal.
Finally, Washington Hospital is committed to a fair contract for all nurses. However, after nearly seven months of negotiations, no proposal on wages has been made by CNA.  As a result, the Hospital’s bargaining team has not had the opportunity to consider wages or benefits, which we know are the most important issues to our nurses. CNA has, however, recently indicated it will provide its wage proposals in the near future. Once the proposal is received, the Hospital’s bargaining team will have the opportunity to fully consider all issues – economic and non-economic — and achieve a contract for our nurses that is reflective of the excellent care they provide each and every day on behalf of the residents of the District.
In an effort to continue to keep you informed and updated, the next round of negotiations is scheduled for February 1, 2016.