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Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

CNA Bargaining Update — 11/4/15

With six bargaining units representing a range of employees at Washington Hospital, we value all of our unions as our unions are our partners in providing top quality care at our Hospital. While Hospital staff is currently negotiating a new contract for its nurses represented by the California Nurses Association (CNA), they are looking forward to successfully reaching a conclusion to these negotiations, as has been the case recently with two other labor unions.

To date, five brief bargaining sessions have been held (some sessions lasting only a few hours). The Hospital’s bargaining team is prepared to spend as long as it takes at the bargaining table to expeditiously reach an agreement, as has been done with with other bargaining units. Recent agreements with other bargaining units have been reached in as few as three bargaining sessions. However, despite five months of negotiations, CNA has not presented Washington Hospital with its wage proposal while the Hospital has proposed increasing tuition reimbursement for specialty training 10 fold, to $15,000 and is awaiting a response from the union.

Washington Hospital’s bargaining team will continue to negotiate in good faith on behalf of its nurses and is looking forward to the next bargaining session, scheduled for Monday, December 7, so that issues that are important to the nurses at Washington Hospital may be discussed.

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