WHHS Labor Facts

Updates on Labor Negotiations from Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Board of Directors Approved Ratified Contract with Local 6

The Washington Township Health Care District Board of Directors approved a 3-year contract with Local 6 at its June 10 meeting. The agreement was ratified by Local 6 members on Thursday, May 14, 2020. 

“The Board is committed to ensuring that our International Longshoremen & Warehouse members, which include radiology and cath lab technologists, are paid the best possible rates given the Hospital’s financial situation,” said Kimberly Hartz, CEO of Washington Hospital Healthcare System. “Despite the financial challenges created by COVID-19, the new contract will allows us to recruit and retain qualified technologists to care for the residents of our district.” 

Contract terms include: Across-the-board wage increases, including 1% in year one; 2.5% in year two; 2.5% in year three. Call back differential increased to $350 in year two for those not already on-call. Additional step increase to a newly created Step 7 after 15 years of service in year two of the contract.